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Our African Vibe 


Ndamji Beaded Statues

Amongst the Ndamji people in the Cameroon, unadorned dolls are made by blacksmiths as playthings for young girls.  When the dolls are dressed with beads, shells, coins and other trinkets, they then become fertility dolls and are cared for as though a real child.


David Ballam

David Ballam was born and schooled in Johannesburg, South Africa. He first attended university in Cape Town but later moved to Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape. He was introduced to the camera by Obie Oberholzer and in 2004 gained his Fine Art Degree with Honours in photography. David returned to Johannesburg and after a number of years experience in the commercial world of photography he reverted his attention back to his Fine Art roots. Intrigued and inspired by new faces, places, cultures and customs David focuses his attention on taking any opportunity to travel and explore the African landscape, finding and creating images that transcend the subject matter into Fine Art prints.



The magic of an African safari tent

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